Crushed hearts are not lonely hearts

In January 2012 my world felt apart. My heart got crushed by someone I never would have thought would crush it. By someone whom I had trusted every little part of my heart. Crushing my heart did not only mean I lost him, I also lost myself in the chaos of losing him. I know how much I needed people to talk to and ask questions, therefore this will be a page where people privately can ask for advice. It doesn't have to be a question, sometimes you just need to rant or tell your story. Feel free to use this page as therapy, so you can get it all out. I will try my best to help you, giving you advice.
For the sake of sharing with you all the best advice possible - we will know consist of two people living in different timezones - therefore there will almost always be someone up to be here for you - because you all deserve the best!
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